New Eden Series

Chasing Filthy Lucre
Weber Rexall knows that in New Eden cash is king. That's why, whether it's throwing fights in a basement fight club or doing security work for a friend, he'll take whatever job he can. When one of those security jobs goes violently wrong and a corporate power threatens the status quo, Rexall finds a cause to believe in. It won't pay him anything, but it might change his life.

The New Eden Series of stories begins with the novella Chasing Filthy Lucre. It tells the story of Weber Rexall and his friends as they begin to fight for a better life for themselves.

Three more books are planned in the Rexall Cycle part of the New Eden Series. More books in another cycle of the series are also planned, but they're a ways off.

You can buy Chasing Filthy Lucre as an e-book at the following sites:

Barnes and Noble
Sony E-reader Bookstore
Diesel E-books

It's also available as a print book here:
Barnes and Noble

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