Friday, June 12, 2009

Our next adventure

Gina and I looked at homes this weekend. It was a draining experience. We have a nice Realtor who we are working with, but moving scares us.

We love where we live. The location is great and convenient to everything. But we have neighbors again. We didn't for a few months. No one lived in the unit above us and no one to the side of us. Actually, no one lived across or down the hall either. We were on our own island. It was quiet at night. It was great.

Then in the matter of what seems like a week every unit around us was filled. Now we have someone stomping around in what sounds like lead shoes above us. And we get to hear the chatting in the hall as the new neighbors next to us walk to their new place. And it's fine to have neighbors, but we are a little annoyed now by all the noise.

So, we spent the day in a black car with black interior and near-100 degree temperatures. We drove over what seemed like most of the eastern part of the Metroplex. We we all over Richardson and Garland. We saw some nice houses for nice prices, but I think all-in-all we left the experience a bit overwhelmed.

Moving is going to be a big deal for us. Neither of us are eager to leave where we are at now, but know that eventually we have to.


  1. We could add on to the back of our house and y'all could live there. It's just a thought. ;)

  2. We did the move almost a decade ago. Went from an apartment in a busy metro area to suburban/rural area. While you won't have people stomping around above you (we quickly moved to the top floor), there's still loud radios, TVs, cars, etc. And the road we live on is the favorite place in town for people to go walking.

  3. Lisa -- thanks for the invite. Let me talk to Gina. Could save us quite a few bucks.

    Steve -- we've heard that from people who are in homes and know there will be tradeoffs. I think we are both ready for a little more space and a place to call our own.
    I've got some stuff in storage that I miss having easy access too, books mostly. And I am ready for an "office" area. I think I've had enough of writing on a lap desk on the couch.