Saturday, December 11, 2010

Since my career broke big when I was already, you know, I was looking at turning 50, I would think maybe never give up hope would be one of the morals you could draw from that. And also I think you just have to enjoy yourself. 

If it pleases you and you can write at all, it’s gonna please somebody else.”
—Charlaine Harris, the author of the books that became HBO's "True Blood"

I don't always comment after the quotes that I post here. I'm making an exception this time because I really liked this quote. It comes from the Writer's Digest blog. You can see the whole post here, although there isn't much more to it. This quote inspires me. Many times I'll read what I've written and think to myself, "Sure, I like it. But I wrote it. Will anyone else like it?" I think most writers do that. But this quote reminds me that, if I like it someone else will too. Thanks, Charlaine.


  1. ....just when I was at the point of packing it all in (being just the other side of 50!) you go and land a comment on me like that, Jarrett!

    Well, maybe in the New Year I can get down to some serious writing again.....!