Sunday, March 4, 2012

We're an iPhone home now

We're an iPhone home now. Gina upgraded her phone this weekend and got an iPhone. So, welcome Apple products to the Rush home. Keep your feet off the furniture, and take your dishes back to the kitchen when you're done with them.

We had an iPad for a while thanks to my former employer. It was surprising how quickly we adjusted to having that little piece of tech in our lives. Was a sad day when I had to turn it in. I say that so you'll know that we're a little bit familiar with the app store and some of what's there. But, I'm curious about one thing. For you iPhone veterans, what's an app you've discovered that is something you can't live without now. And I'm not talking Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or other social media sites. Other than that it's wide open. Games, productivity, life management. Let's hear them.

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