Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Million-year-old methane is invading the atmosphere

Am I the only one who finds this headline disturbing? The arctic is farting ancient methane into the atmosphere. Click the link and read it. It's short. Shouldn't take long.

I know. Methane, like from cow farts and all that. Ha ha. Funny.

But seriously. Million-year-old methane is escaping back into the atmosphere. This is methane that's been steeping for a million years. Like a teabag that sits in a cup of hot water for an hour, I'd say there's a better than zero chance that what's escaping is super-powered methane.

Even if there's nothing different about this methane, there's got to be a story here. Like along side this escaping methane was some sort of zombie super virus. That's what really killed the dinosaurs and now it's coming for us. BOM BOM BOOOMMM.

Someone let a thriller writer know. We need them to get on that.

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