Saturday, June 16, 2012

Due date + ?

We've been waiting for baby for almost a week now. Actually, if we can make it a few more hours, our little girl will officially be one week late.

She's still moving like crazy. You can see and feel it, so we know she's in good spirits. She just seems a little shy.

I keep making the joke to people that for a girl who has a father who's an editor she doesn't seem to have very high regard for deadlines. That joke seems funnier to me than it is to everyone else. Doesn't keep me from making it though.

The doctor always told us that he wouldn't let Gina go more than a week past her due date, and he's not. Well, not by much anyway. We are scheduled for an induction at 5 a.m. on Tuesday if things don't happen naturally.

So that's where we are. Still on baby watch.

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