Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My last 10 years

At the day job last week we were discussing an editorial looking back at the decade. The proposal was, essentially, that the Aughts, or whatever you call this set of ten years, has been a lousy one, but never fear. The next ten could be pretty great.

I was listening to this and thinking. I was also considering a couple of columns we'd run a day or two before. They both said that the last decade was lousy.

Everyone made a convincing case in a history book sense. But I don't look at things like that. I think many, if not most, people look at them more personally. We think of our personal milestones. For me, this has been a pretty great decade.

I started the Aughts working at a newspaper that no longer exists, doing a job that I didn't hate but didn't love. I ended the decade working for the newspaper that was always going to be my final stop, doing a job I love, and making more than double the money I was making when I started the decade.

I am ending the decade more productive(the last couple of months withstanding)as a writer. I have completed multiple stories this year and made good progress on the novel I've been working on for years. I still need to edit the things I have finished and get them submitted for publication. But that is great progress for me and I am far ahead of where I was 10 years ago.

But the biggest change in this decade is that I met and married Gina. Without her I wouldn't have bought a house this decade. Without her I wouldn't have seen the world. No Italy. No Mexico. This blog wouldn't be here without her. The writing I've been doing wouldn't be possible without her encouragement and support. She makes all of it easier, and not just the writing. I had prayed for someone like her to come into my life and this is the decade that prayer was answered.


  1. Jarrett - That was a sweet post and you have no idea what a blessing you are to us and to our whole family.

  2. Jarrett, my last decade has been an amazing one. It started with graduating from college in 2002, getting first "big" job in 2002. Moving into my "own" apartment, which was amazing, in 2003! Then you in 2005. Our paths crossed and little did we know many times in years past, but this time we bumped into each other on our paths. I fell head over heels and got married in 2008. Bought a house in 2009 and found out that I will be receiving my master's degree in 2010. So, was the last decade bad. No, it was amazing and only got better with you! I love you and thanks for the sweet post.