Friday, October 2, 2009

Here's my dilemma

I mentioned before -- long before actually, in July and August -- about a monster story. I finished it in August and put it in a drawer, knowing in the back of my mind that I'd have one major hole to fill.

I needed to answer two questions, but they are huge, sucking chest wounds in my story. They are questions I know the readers will ask and I have no idea how to answer them.

First, a quick overly brief synopsis of the story. And, if anyone has read something like this, let me know. I am sure this isn't the most original idea, but I am hoping my take is something that will be worth reading. OK, now a synopsis. Main character is the elite agent in an underground group that tracks monsters who have crossed over into our world. There is more to it than that, but that tells you enough to explain my dilemma.

And here that is. I need to know how and why the monsters come to our world. Really, I need to know more of the why they would come here. The how I can let my brain stew on for a while and come up with something. But why would they come here? That's something I still need to figure out.

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  1. Here are some random thoughts....Maybe they have some sort of weakness/disease/defect and the only cure/antidote/strengthening can be found here. Whatever the issue it's so great that they are willing to risk capture by coming here.

    Maybe there is some sort of magnetic field that draws them back every so often. Perhaps they come as some sort of pilgrimage or when something happens in the universe they must return or visit here to receive instructions or something.

    Maybe they can only reproduce here or there is some ingredient that can be only found in the corn fields of Nebraska or something that is vital to their future...reproduction...

    Maybe they were infected with H1N1 and must receive inoculations here because this is the only place they can find a certain breed of an animal or something...