Friday, October 2, 2009

Our long search has ended

I hate to be the excuse maker, but my busy life has interrupted my writing life. I detailed that -- to a degree -- in the post just below this one.

On the list of things that has been getting in the way of my productivity has been our months-long search for a house. Well, my cyber friends, that search has ended. We found out yesterday that our offer on a home was accepted. We couldn't be happier. We got a great deal on home in a Dallas suburb and are supposed to close at the end of the month.

We won't be living in Dallas-proper like we had wanted to, but our patience (and, to some degree, our naivete) has paid off. We got a much newer home than the ones at which we had spent the majority of our time looking. We are right across from a park and at the end of a block.

We are having the house inspected tomorrow and both my parents and Gina's parents are going to meet us there so they can see the place for themselves.

There is some work to be done. This was a foreclosure and someone has taken most of the appliances. The dishwasher, the built-in microwave, and the cook top to be specific. So we have to get those. And the carpeting isn't in pristine condition. But for what we paid, this was a great deal and we are very excited.

To top it off, we beat out five other offers. I know that means we were willing to pay the most money for this place, but it also means I have an excuse to raise my fist in triumph and I'll take any chance I can to do that.

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  1. :) We're so excited that y'all won the bid! Now the exciting/overwhelming journey to home ownership can begin. Past the inspection and onward to making the necessary and cosmetic changes that will truly make it yours! We're here to help so just let us know.