Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I've got an idea

Had my first idea for a story today in about a month. And, truthfully, it's not a fully formed idea, just the germ of something. But I'm grateful for even that.

Things have been busy around here and the ideas and motivation to write had dried up. I am hoping that once we get past the move and all of the other house stuff going on I'll be able to refocus on writing and editing and submitting, because I need to be doing all three.

UPDATE: The germ has developed. It's a full-on flu now. I have the swine flu of ideas. I'm excited by this one. I'll keep it under my hat for now, but it could be fun to write. But it's no longer just a little bitty idea but something that has legs. It just needs fleshing out.


  1. Just try and get it written before that flu cures itself. It can be tough when life interferes. At least write it down to some degree. It may be blocking up the nasal passageways to more ideas and you want that line to be cleared.

  2. I got it started and now that I have the day off work because of a real germ I may try to do a little more on it.But the idea is down on "paper" and I can come back to it.