Monday, November 9, 2009

Ya'll come to Texas. We have the room.

Stephen Hough is a concert pianist from Britain. He has spent a bit of time recently tickling the ivories in my neck of the woods. He also blogs for the Telegraph. He had a very interesting post about the state I call home, including a story idea at the very end if anyone is up for a challenge.
The entire post is short and very readable, but I'll include the most interesting nugget here.

Texas is 268,601 square miles – or 7,488,166,118,400 square feet. If the population of the world at present is roughly 6,795,354,645 then each living person could be given around 1,000 square feet of land each.

Read the rest of the post here for his story idea. It's doable, and if, as it's said, you should write what you know, may be something I should try and tackle.

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