Thursday, February 18, 2010

Submitting again

I took what the editor at Abyss & Apex said to heart and tweaked my story that I submitted to them. I added a small section at the end and think that it is better now. It feels more complete.

It feels so complete, in fact, that I have sent it out into he big bad world of editors and slush piles one more time. This time I gave it to the folks over at Flash Fiction Online. I like the stories they publish and I like that they pay a fair rate for them.

We had a discussion at our writers' group a few weekends ago about what we wanted from our writing. I was on the side of the people who wanted to do this for a living, so I do want to be paid for my fiction. I am not expecting to make millions with my flash fiction and short stories, but I'm not going to give it away either.

So I am sending my story out again. Hoping again that I hear a yes, because I like this story even better than I did the first time. It's tighter and the bit I added at the end really gives it a sense of completion. At least I think it does.

So keep your fingers crossed. In the confirmation email I received letting me know they got my story it said that they usually reply within 2 to 3 months. Reading their web site closely the answer could come sooner. I'll let you all know something when I know something.

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