Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A milestone passed and starting an edit

Not sure if you noticed the little gadget on the side, but I passed the 15k word marker this morning on Chasing Filthy Lucre. We are getting closer to the halfway mark of Part 3. Our team that will move the story forward is assembled now. All that's left is the climax of this section. Not sure how many words that will take, but I'm ready to write it. Should be fun.

I introduced a character named Simmer Jones. She's what I am calling a Serve-O. She is essentially an android. I have a good reason for introducing her and it makes total sense why she is part of the team. But she is the most obvious sci-fi element of the story. And she is why I have a hard time putting this book into a genre. If I could make up my own genre I would call it sci-fi noir. And maybe there is a genre like that, who knows. But that's something I am still thinking about.

I also printed out the second section of the book last night so I can start making some edits and revisions. I know everyone says not to do that. Finish the piece first then worry about editing after that. But I can't. My inner editor is bored. Besides, my process is my process and if it works for me then it works for me. I'll do it however I need to to get it done.

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