Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Scrib'd and some WIP progress

We are at 69 percent completed on Chasing Filthy Lucre. I am in an in-between stage right now. We've passed Rung Nine on the outline but aren't quite to Rung Ten. We are in a bit of a transition phase. I think the next time I write I will definitely be writing what is supposed to take place in Rung Ten, but it's taken longer to get there than I thought it would. I had an idea on how to bring an earlier character back into the story and have him play a crucial role. That somewhat extended Rung Nine and added about 1000 words to the story. Not going to complain about that. Still making progress, so that's good. And the longer I can make this the better.

I still check my Scrib'd numbers every day. Sorry to report that they've stalled a bit. Haven't seen any movement for a couple of days. I know I should promote the story in other places, but I have some self-confidence issues when it comes to my writing. I have a hard time sharing it with people I know. Strangers, no problem. But I always worry about what people I know will think. That's why I haven't linked to the Scrib'd stuff from my Facebook page. Gina has and that's the day I got the highest number of reads. I also saw a spike when my sister-in-law linked to Make it a Double. I know that pointing people to it would help get people interested in my work, but I'm just not ready yet to put it out there like that. And I wish I was.

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