Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Part Three done

Today I put the finishing touches on Part Three of Chasing Filthy Lucre, my four part novella destined for Kindle and other e book retailers. One more section to go. Four more rungs on the ladder. I am happy with it. The story climaxes in this section and it closes out at the story's peak. Coming up next is the come down. The denouement. Yes, I just dropped a French literary term on you. Essentially, we wrap up the story next. We have to resolve what's just happened then put a bow on the whole thing and we are done. Done with the writing at least. Next comes the editing and the critiques and the revisions. Should be fun, though, polishing this thing up. I am afraid that unless I buckle down, we will miss our self-imposed September deadline.

I sent out a couple of copies of the first section of the story out to interested members of my writers group. They are already giving me feedback, some of it I was expecting. I am too familiar with my workd and I have a tendency to gloss over some details that I am familiar with, not wanting to slow the story down. One of the critiques was that the reader didn't have enough info to understand how something worked. I'll have to go in and add that.

There is also a subplot that I had been playing with expanding, and now I think that if I do it could really open the story up and give a little more depth to the main character.

So, that's where we're at. Making progress. Getting things accomplished slowly but surely.

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