Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Progress on Consider Us Even

I've taken one thing I'd written previously, altered it a bit, and duct-taped it to the front of what was Consider Us Even. We have a new story now that will, in the end, be much longer. We may be looking at novella length again. I've got an outline started and, since the story is already at 3,000 words, this thing has exploded on me. I will admit to being a little disappointed since I thought Consider Us Even was finished. But I'm also excited because the main character -- a man who I've named Solis -- is becoming a lot more real to me. He's not just a name serving a purpose in the short story anymore. There he was a bum addict. Now, he's actually got a deeper back story. There's more to him. His motivations are a lot clearer to me, and that's cool. So, thanks to my critique group, we may have the second novella in my Wire series of stories. I never saw this one coming.

That doesn't mean I've stopped working on Chasing Filthy Lucre. I've put it aside for a week or two to get a little distance before I go through it again. And I am still thinking on how the next book in that story will play out.

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