Friday, May 20, 2011

An interview and Friday Flash

Before we get to this week's installment from Pirate's Bay I wanted to point you toward an interview that's recently been posted. Aden Penn sent me some questions. The answers are here. If you wanted to know a little more about me, including who I'd cast in the movie version of Chasing Filthy Lucre, give it a read.

Now onto Part 3 of our adventures in Pirate's Bay.

Our uniforms have faded. The grays of the federation have become nearly white. The blues of the allies are now nearly gray.

We haven't had new prisoners introduced in more than six months so now it's becoming harder to tell who got here when. My uniform is more like a white jumpsuit now. You can hardly read the Hardesty stitched above my left pocket. The bars on my shoulders fell off more than a year ago.

The sun here gets hot, which isn't surprising. This is the middle of the desert. There are mountains to our left and right which causes the heat to sit on top of us like we were in the bottom of a swimming pool. Three men have died just from the heat alone. It's also why some have tried to escape. Johanssen went stir crazy. Nuts from the heat. Sad, too. We all liked him. Cussed like a sailor but funny as all get out.


  1. Complete in three paragraphs. That's good flash, J.

  2. Thanks, AJ. I had fun writing these a couple years ago. I'm actually looking forward to diving back into them once I've posted all the older pieces.