Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back to work

Hello, vacation beard.
I head back to the day job today after more than two weeks of vacation. We went to Colorado for a week. We hung out at home for a week. We celebrated an anniversary. We celebrated a birthday. It was fantastic. I have a great wife who made it a lot of fun. But now it's back to the day job and bringing in some money.

Heading back to the day job also means I have to say good bye to vacation beard. After almost two weeks of cultivating it's going to be hard to say goodbye. So hard that it may stick around for a few days in a more neatened up version. That picture of vacation beard is from last night while Gina, Molly, and I waited for fireworks. That explains the sleepy look. It was dark and the light from Gina's camera was bright.

But I'm not just getting back to work at the day job, but at the writing job too. I've been slacking. I've been writing on Book 2, but not near as much as I should. I've also been slacking on my promotion for Book 1.

I have a few things in the works. I bought an ad at the Red Adept Reviews site. That should appear in a week or two. I also sent a request out on Twitter asking for promotion help. I got a few responses so there should be a few interviews coming out some time soon. I'd still love to do more, though. So if you'd be interested in helping me promote Chasing Filthy Lucre let me know in the comments. We should be able to work something out. If you can scratch my back, I can scratch yours. I'm up for guest posts, interviews, features of any kind.

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