Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Playing a little catchup: A trip and me elsewhere

We got back from a quick trip to Galveston last night. We are trying to wring the last bits of fun we can out of the summer before Gina goes back to work. She's at less than a month now. Kids come back on Aug. 22 and she has to report a week before that.

We had a great time. Gina and I had each previously been to Galveston, but it was years ago. Back then neither of us left the place that impressed. It seemed like a bit of a dump, so we were in no hurry to go back. But so many people we know had gone there this summer that we both thought that maybe we ought to give the Texas coast another shot. 

I won't bog you down with a detailed description of our trip, but, other than Gina's sunburn, the only thing we'd change is to make it longer. We had a great time and getting to spend a few hours on the beach was just what I needed. We got to drive around the area a bit and more than once we said, "I can't believe this is our state." It's easy to forget when we are up here in Dallas sweating out 25 straight days of temperatures above 100 degrees that there is an ocean less than a day's drive away.

I haven't been on the blog in a few days, but I have been other places online. I was at Allan Guthrie's Criminal-E blog on Monday. It features crime writers with e-books out. You can read the interview by clicking here.

And today I have a guest post at author Thea Atkinson's blog. It's a writing prompt post, but I talk about ideas. If you ever wondered where the idea where Consider Us Even and Chasing Filthy Lucre came from then click here.

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