Monday, September 19, 2011

Back home and ready to go

I got back from Kansas City yesterday afternoon. We had to go up for my grandmother's funeral. She passed very early Sept. 11. She was 93. For the last few years she was having a hard time seeing and hearing. Her memory was also failing her.

Gina and I went up to visit her a few years ago over a long weekend. I was amazed at her mind. She had a hard time remembering who I was at times. She'd ask questions about my dad and my uncle and my brother, not remembering that I was related to any of them. Then she'd go into detail about how you harvest, hang, and dry tobacco, something she hadn't done in 80 years.

It feels weird to say you had a good time at a funeral. At least it does for me. But I did have a good time. I got to see cousins I hadn't seen in almost 20 years. Maybe longer than that. I enjoyed getting to see them and catch up. I also got to listen to my dad, my uncle, and their cousins tell stories of growing up. It was special. We are all going to miss my grandmother, but it's nice having a family that's close no matter how many years pass between us seeing each other.

But now I'm back home and ready to focus, both on the job search and on the writing. I've been working on the former and not doing enough of the latter. Spent last week writing and polishing my resume. It's going to be sent out starting today. And I've got a story outline for Book 2 that needs to be filled in.

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