Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The print copy. One step closer.

I mentioned a post or two ago that I was working on a print edition for Chasing Filthy Lucre. Well, today I got the final proof of the book in the mail from CreateSpace. It looks great. This will be the version of the book that I order for the coming convention that I mentioned previously.

Not sure exactly how many of them I'm going to order, but whatever I don't sell at the convention I'm going to make available to everyone here and on Twitter. I'm going to mark them somehow so that it will be obvious that these were from the first bulk printing of the book. I'll probably call them certified convention editions or something similar. I'll write that on the front page, number the book, and sign each copy. Not sure what the cost will be, but it shouldn't be too expensive. Something for folks who really enjoyed the ebook version -- or who just really like me -- to buy and have on their shelves.

I'm excited about this if you can't tell. I've got other plans that I spelled out in the previous post. For now, I'm just going to enjoy having a book in with my name on the cover in my hands.

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