Monday, April 30, 2012

5Ws and 1H -- When

It's another 5W and 1H day. This week it is 'When.'

Sales numbers are something I don't share often. I don't feel like they need to be shared. I don't casually throw them out there like some well-known self publishers. For one, my numbers aren't that impressive. Two, I hope that if you are here at the blog you've read one of my books and are wanting to know more about me. Or you've been here before and enjoyed what you read. That brought you back.

Today's different though. I'm sharing some rough sales numbers to ask the question of "When are you a success?"

I suppose the answer all depends on what your measuring stick is. If you self-publish a book so you can say you've published a book, then you're happy. You're a success. If your goal is to sell a book, once you sell a book then you're a success

But let's say that your goals are bigger than that but smaller than become an New York Times best seller. If that's you, then when are you a success? Is it measured with a certain number of sales overall? Is it measured with a certain number of sales per month? Is it measured by a certain amount of money made per month? Is it when you can quit a day job and work full-time as an author?

I suppose that last one makes the most sense, but what if you are married to someone who does very well financially and that person's salary allows you to devote your time to writing. That's great for you, but it doesn't mean that you're making enough to support yourself.

If we do measure success by number of overall sales, what number do you go with? Is it 1,000? Is it 2,000? That's roughly where I am right now if you count my free book downloads. Am I a success?

Or is success not at all measured by sales, but consistency. Is someone who writes multiple books and continues to produce content even though their sales aren't great a success? What about someone who produces just one book, but it sells like gangbusters?

I'd love to know what you think. Tell me, when do you think an author is a success?

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