Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I love the creative process. Everything about it fascinates me and I could spend hours reading about how creative types go from idea to completed project. I plan on writing more about this in the future. I have read some good things on the creative process -- both positive and precautionary -- that I think would be beneficial to share.

But the point of this post is only to say, I don't get ideas. I don't understand how we get them or where they come from. Thinking about this because I started yet another piece last night. I got the idea when I walked by a box of books being given away at work. The books in the box were all of a business nature and the book on top was titled "Don't Buy Stocks." Well that sent my mind running and I wrote four pages of the story that was in my head all the way home.

But it's just crazy that I can pass a box of books, see a title, and come out of a story with it.

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  1. The joys of creativity. You truly never know when an idea will strike or what will trigger it. The ideas I get when I'm not looking for them tend to be most fiery. Glad you were struck by a drive by.