Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday flash -- Pirate's Bay, Part 6

Before we get to Part 6 of the Friday Flash story, just a couple of words to say that I've been thinking about making some changes to this blog. To say I'm not happy with how often I update it would be an understatement. I've been reading a lot of other writers' blogs. I've found approaches I liked and approaches I didn't like. It's all helped me to develop a plan for how to move forward with this. blog. Yea, if you've been around here for awhile then you've heard me say this before. This time I mean it. My plan is something that I think I can maintain.

One of the features that's not going to go away is this Friday Flash serial story. Here's this week's installment. Hope you're enjoying the story so far. And yes, they are all linked. If this is the first one of these you're reading then click the Friday Flash tag at the bottom and read the rest. Get yourself caught up.

They never saw it, our bums' rush.

Ivanov was in from the beginning. We also recruited Abbey and Jefferson, although they both backed out before we actually did anything.

It was a simple plan. Daily during lunch a group of four guards would gather in the middle of the yard and divide up the meager amount of food we were fed. They would then pass out the rations to each man. During their gathering is when we'd attack. The four of us and Mason would walk in a line toward the guards with Ivanov following a distance behind. As we got closer Ivanov would start running and when he let out his rebel yell our line would break and he'd come charging through.

And that's what happened. Ivanov broke the line with his head down and his arms spread wide. He hit the first two guards like a linebacker and dragged them both to the ground. He put his boot in the face of one of them, pinning him to the ground. He wrapped the other's neck up in his massive right arm and gave it a violent twist. The guard dropped to the ground in a heap and Ivanov made short work of his second man.

While Ivanov worked over his two guards, Tucker and I got the third. Carlson and Wicker handled the fourth. Tucker went high and I went low, wrapping up our man's legs. Tucker smashed him across the face with a rock and a long line of blood shot from his mouth, landing in the dirt next to me.

Wicker and Carlson took a bit longer with their guard, but in their defense he was the largest. They each buried a shoulder under their guard's ribs. He took about four steps back and then planted his heels and grabbed the back of each man's uniform. As he lifted each man from the ground a small Englishman named Mason came in from behind and took out the guard's legs. He made some sort of screaming sound and fell to the ground with a crunch. Ivanov put his heel in the guard's jaw, driving his lower teeth past his nose.

Ivanov and Tucker each grabbed a weapon from inside a guard's jacket. Carlson handed me and Wicker a weapon and pulled one for himself. We all stood back to back to back to back in the center of the yard. Mason stood in the middle of all of us.

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