Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Closing in on 8,000

About to pass 8,000 words on the WIP and it's seeming like my 20,000 word estimate may have been a little too long. Although, who knows. Once I get done with the editing and rewriting I could be past that. My concern, though, is that this will be too short. I need to do more research, but I don't know how long the average Kindle title is. I know some people sell short stories on there, but I'd feel more comfortable selling a novella. I kind of think that if you give the reader a choice between buying a short story or novella and they are the same price, they will pick the longer novella every time. But maybe that's just me and the need I seem to have for getting the most for my money. I want the maximum word count my dollar can buy.

I have been feeling that the story needs a bit of amping up. I need to turn up the heat in the second act that I'm writing now. I'd like the action to ride right up to the edge of unbelievable, but not fall off. I am trying something that I have heard others suggest working for them when they need to turn up the tension, and that's write yourself into a corner. I am about to do that, if I haven't already. We are about to have a two on five gunfight that my two main characters have to come out on the good side of. We'll see how I get them out of this. Could be fun and give me a great story, or it could be the last time I try this.

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