Saturday, June 26, 2010

Things may be quiet around here for a few days

Gina and I are leaving tomorrow on a vacation to the east coast. Heading to Atlantic City for a little beach time and relaxation. We are also going to see Philadelphia while we are out that way. New York City, too. And going to Washington D.C. So maybe it won't be as relaxing as I am claiming, but it should be fun. Gina is, by far, the best traveling partner I've ever had. She's up for anything and she's always excited.

Taking the computer with us so hoping to get some writing done early while Gina is still sleeping. And if we have free wifi in the hotel then I may check in here, but no guarantees. I'll give a report when we get back, but I may be away from the blog for a few days. Vacation is the reason why.


  1. Have a good one Jarret - hope the weather's perfect for you!

  2. Hoping for good weather, Sue. Last we checked it was going to be just warm enough to spend some time on the beach without getting too cold.

    And thanks.

  3. Don't get sunburned or sunburnt or whatever!!!!!!!!