Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A fun and productive weekend

We're back from San Antonio all in one piece. It was a great time. I've been there a few times, but this time we saw things I'd never seen before. We did the Riverwalk and did make it over to the Alamo, but spent most of the day Sunday in an area called the King William District. It's a historical district with old homes and restaurants. It's an arty area of the city and we kept seeing groups of people drive by on Vespas. Like eco-friendly biker gangs. And we found a restaurant that I am going to have to go to each time I'm there. Thanks, Tito's, for some awesome Mexican food.

When we weren't out and walking -- and we did a lot of walking -- we were back in the hotel room relaxing and cooling off. It's getting hot in Texas everyone. They are forecasting highs of 103 degrees for the coming weekend. It wasn't that hot this weekend, only in the 9os. But while we were relaxing I pulled the computer our and wrote. Got about 1,000 words out and finished part one of the current work in progress. The ending sets up part two really well. It doesn't stand on its own so well, but it's not meant to I don't suppose.

I haven't uploaded my pictures from San Antonio yet. Gina hasn't either. But once we do I'll upload a few images so those of you elsewhere can see the city and those of you who care can see us.

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