Thursday, September 2, 2010

Can you tell I'm excited?

That's my first draft. I printed it out this morning. All four parts. I brought it with me to work today. I don't know why I thought I'd get a chance to edit at all, but I wanted to have it with me just in case I did.


  1. Great, isn't it, when you see it actually printed out rather than just scrolling up and down the screen!

    Well done - good luck with the editing - that's a whole other ball-game...! ;-p

  2. Thanks, Sue. It really is great. I don't know why this first draft excites me like others haven't. Maybe it's the length. Maybe it's because I have plans for it already. There's not any submission guessing game with this one.

  3. Yea!! I am excited that your vision is becoming a reality one step at a time.

  4. Congrats! I saw you over at KB.

    As for publishing, you're only a virgin once, so just make sure it's really ready! People will still be buying ebooks after Christmas. Maybe your work will be polished and ready, but mine is going to take at least 15 more months after my first draft was completed. I needed a lot more readers to tell me where I had problems, pro editing, etc.

    I'm also a mid-30's guy doing what he's always wanted to do, so we should start some kind of club LOL!

  5. Thanks for the congrats, Moses. I have sort of edited as I wrote so it's pretty clean when it comes to grammar. Still finding some issues but not too many.

    It's not ready, however, when it comes to some structure issues. My wife has really helped me figure out where some things were a little thin.

    Thanks for stopping by. You are one of the few visitors I've had from KB.

  6. No problem.

    I write in a similar way, editing as I go. Although I'm sure I don't have to tell you that the difference between pretty clean and clean is big LOL.

    My two cents is to go slowly and get TONS of feedback on your work before publishing it. People can form opinions of your work right away, and you want to be ready for that.

  7. Also, sites like CritiqueCircle are great for getting lots of feedback. I used Authonomy for that earlier this year, and it improved my work immeasurably (I thought it was good enough prior to that--HAHAHA!). I hear the quality has gone down a bit at Authonomy, though. I've also used, which was also very helpful.

  8. I am signed up for CritiqueCircle and have looked at Critters. I plan on sending it to them as soon as I can.