Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What's next for me

So, on top of editing the first draft of Chasing Filthy Lucre I have been asked to participate in project at A Twist of Noir, the site that published my first two stories. Christopher Grant, the guy who runs the site, is coming up on his 600th story published and he's trying something for story 600 to 700. He's asking writers to write a story that has the same number of words as the story number. For example, story 620 will have 620 words. Story 655 will have 655 words. Well, I am going to be part of the 100 stories. I have number 693 so I'm going to try and tell a taut tale in just under 700 words. Not sure when he needs the story by, but I know I need to get cracking on it. He's just posted story 578 so I have a little time, but that's what's next for me.

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  1. Well that's awesome that you've been asked to participate. Makes you feel good doesn't it!