Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A good weekend and a nice surprise

I am sad to say that I'm a newsman but still had no idea about this soaking rain we're in the middle of here in Texas. No idea this tropical storm was coming on shore just below us in northern Mexico or that its remnants were going to spend two days spinning over the top of us, giving us a near constant rain. But a well-executed holiday weekend will do that to you. Gina and I spent two days driving back and forth to one of the Indian casinos in Oklahoma. Same casino two days in a row. On Saturday we went alone and on Sunday we went with my sister- and brother-in-law. Gina cleaned up the first night and we left a few dollars lighter on Sunday. Still, we had a good time.

When we travel Gina and I have taken to reading. She reads out loud and I drive. We finished The Lost Symbol this summer that way. So on the way up to the casino, an hour drive, Gina started reading Chasing Filthy Lucre out loud. And it was weird. I had never heard someone else read my words. I have read them dozens of times. I know what the sentences are supposed to sound like. But Gina didn't, so it was very interesting to hear how she interpreted what I'd written. And does it sound arrogant if I say that I liked it? That my story actually sounded professional.

It was very helpful too. Once Gina got past the part she'd read before she helped me figure out some things that I needed to work out. There are things that need to be fixed and she and I were able to talk through some of those spots. She's very helpful, my Gina.

But that's the nice surprise. Not that Gina is helpful. I learned that about two days after meeting her. But that my story sounded good. It actually sounds like it was written by someone who gets paid to write.

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  1. I'm sure it is weird to hear what you've written and how, in your mind, it was meant to be said. I'm glad that Gina is able to help you as I think it makes realizing your dream even more meaningful.

    And we had a great time with y'all. I'm sure we'll have fun in Vegas. ;)