Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Scrib'd numbers update

Thought I'd share my numbers if you haven't been over there in a while. And why would you have been over there? At least to check my numbers. Anyway.

I am at 484 right now on total reads. Approaching 500. I've done no promotion of it other than my wife and sister-in-law linking to the first part from their Facebook pages more than a month ago. Readership really spiked on those days. But other than that and mentioning it here there has been nothing done to let people know about it. That's why it's so odd to me that people find it. No one tells me whether or not they like it, but they find it. Just the last week I've had eight reads. Not a huge number, but one I'm happy with.

I probably won't talk about Scrib'd again until we pass the big 500 mark. That may be soon. It may be later. But I'll late you know when 16 more readers stumble across me.


  1. :) They find you because you are awesome. I wish I was better at critiquing so I could give you better feedback but I honestly do enjoy your writing and try to be honest about what I think. Maybe I'll link again to get over the 500 (did I hear a 5??) mark.

  2. I'll take any critiques anyone has to offer. And don't sell yourself short. You've told me good things that have made the story better. I appreciate that. And if you wanted to pump me again to your Facebook friends I'd appreciate that too.