Friday, January 14, 2011

Bulletin board material

Matt Cutter took the steps to the basement two at a time. He pondered, for a moment, whether it wouldn't be faster if he just hopped the rail and skipped a couple of flights.

He could hear Admiral Washer pushing bullets back into the clip. He was reloading the semi-automatic that had just put three shots into the concrete wall above Cutter's head.

I am fascinated by inspiration and ideas. And mostly where they come from. Those two paragraphs are something that popped into my head after going down stairs at the day job to pick up a soda and a salad to go with my lunch. Near the cafeteria is a bulletin board where people can post items they have for sale. Someone had posted on the board a "mat cutter" for sale and an "Admiral washer." Those signs and the walk back upstairs to my office inspired those paragraphs. No idea what Paragraph 3 or subsequent paragraphs would say, but what's up there seems like a good start.

That's it. Happy Friday.

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