Monday, January 17, 2011

Looking the part

I bought new glasses this weekend. I lost my previous pair this summer when I forgot I had them on and jumped into the lake to go swimming. I came up from underwater and someone I was with asked, "Didn't you have glasses on?"

Yes, I did.

I'd been wearing an old pair with an old prescription until I got a new pair. This weekend was the time to get a new pair. I was trying glasses on, asking Gina what she thought. We'd been in the store a few minutes when Gina leaned in to me and said "I'm trying to find a pair that makes you look like an author." I leaned closer and said, "Me too."

I finally settled on a pair that's a much bolder choice than I've ever owned. And, yes, they are very authory. I got my author glasses. When I get a picture of me wearing them I'll post it here. For now, though, here's what they look like not on my beautiful face.

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