Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My first review -- and an update

So, we're a bit over a month since Consider Us Even was made available on Smashwords. There are 178 downloads so far. A number I'm very happy with, by the way. Something else I'm very happy with? Got the first review today. I'm posting it below. The story received 5 out of 5 stars. Without further ado, the review from Daryl Sedore, a fellow author:

I'm a bit of a picky reader, partly because I'm a writer myself. While reading, without meaning to, I'm evaluating the writing instead of getting lost in the story.

But with this book by Jarrett Rush, I got lost in the story and there are two main reasons for that.

1. The writing was really, really good.
2. The story was fabulous.

I found his characters believable. His dialogue was perfect; not forced or rushed. The scenes were well written and led me to see the new world he developed. I was surprised by his imagination too because he came up with a story conflict that only this story could have.

Well done Jarrett but I need more. You now have one more faithful reader. Thank you.


 Now, the update. I will have my first guest post in the middle of the month. It will be at Sabrina Ogden's blog. From what I understand another review will follow. That will be the first on a book review blog. I'm excited, to say the least. And I hope she likes my little story as much as Daryl did.

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