Thursday, January 27, 2011

You want to stand out as a writer, then write the ass-kickingest book you can write. When you're done, write a better one.

If you're worried about being popular, then study branding. Listen to everything the marketing people you. Spend your days on the forums and the boards and let people know how much you love puppies.

Look. I do this, too. Maybe we all do this. I'm not arguing at all that "branding" in and of itself is a bad thing.

I'm saying I've never bought a book based on a brand. Sure, the marketing people might tell you that the best branding works in the background. That I didn't even know I bought
Mystic River because of the branding. You know why I bought Mystic River? Because friends I trust told me it was good. Because I read Shutter Island and thought it was great. Why did my friends love it? The writing. The. Writing.

Steve Weddle over at Do Some Damage.

The whole post is great. Go check it out.

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