Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My weekend at DFWcon

Because I have a wife who supports this crazy goal I have of becoming a writer, I got to spend the weekend at the DFW Writers Conference.

I think of this thing as our little hometown convention. A gathering of local writers. That's why it was always a shock when I saw people from out of state there. Heck, even out of town surprised me. There was a woman there from North Carolina. I ate lunch on Sunday across from a woman who came down here from Independence, Missouri. Even a  guy came from California.

I learned some things. I met some people. Made some connections. Picked some brains. I won't bore you with everything I took away from the conference here. I plan on doing that over the next few weeks with posts recapping some of the sessions I sat in on.

Just wanted to tell everyone that I went and say thanks to Gina for OKing the expense to go. It's nice to have someone in my corner believing that this writing dream ain't so crazy.

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  1. Nothing is more important than a supportive spouse. I know I would've given up a long time ago if I hadn't had my family in my corner believing in me.

    Glad you had a good time at the conference!