Friday, July 16, 2010

A lightbulb moment

I know I've mentioned here in the past that I am a seat-of-the-pants writer. I know my beginning, I know a bit of the middle, and I know my ending. Other than that I don't have all the details on my story fleshed out. I'll either find the details while I'm writing or they'll come to me while I'm doing other things.

Today was a day when something came to me. Was working at the day job and thinking about the current WIP. In my head the ending of this story is fuzzy. Well, not anymore. Now I know how it ends. And I know more of the middle. And I know that it's going to take me much longer to write than I had expected. I have an entire new plot twist I have to write, but, honestly, it's going to be such a so much better story. I also have some small scenes I need to add to the first two parts of the story that I thought were done. But that's OK. It's going to be a better story. Much more complete. And closer to the 20,000 words that I thought this thing should/could be.

So, more work, but work that should be worth it.

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