Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Two parts of three --- done

Have I mentioned yet that my WIP is told in three parts? I thought I had, but if not I meant to. My current WIP is told in three parts.

Tonight I finished a transition piece that I needed to get my main characters from Point A to Point B. It added about 226 words to the second section, but somehow my word count dropped by about 20 words. Not entirely sure how that happened. I did read through it again and took a few words out here and there to tighten, but I know I didn't take out 250 of them. I am going to chalk the difference up to a calculation error. I was never good at math anyway.

No matter the count I now have two of the three sections done. We can see the finish line now. Coming down the home stretch. I am getting excited.

P.S. Well the first section is ready for Beta readers. Have one lined up for sure and am going to check with him just to make sure he is still up for it. It's only 6,000 words so it's not that long. I am hoping to get that out to him by this weekend and then get the first part posted on Scrib'd. I have had many people read the other piece that's up there, but I'm hoping things will be difference with this one.


  1. Just read "Make it a Double" and it left me wanting to read more so I think it sounds great! Good job Jarrett!

  2. Thanks, Lisa. I appreciate the compliment.