Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Scrib'd, Smashwords, and a freebie

I've been thinking lately about getting my work out in front of people and ways to do that. I have come up with something I'm going to give a shot. Well, thanks to Gina, a couple of somethings.

First, I am in the middle of corrections on the first section of the WIP. I'd made the paper corrections a few weeks ago. Noe I am adding them to the Word file. They are going slowly, but that was expected. I wrote more than half of these 22 pages in present tense. It didn't work very well in the beginning but I stuck with it. I didn't abandoned present tense until about 10 pages in. I never went back and fixed the beginning, preferring to keep the momentum going and moving the story forward.

Once the corrections are done I am going to make another pass through Part 1 and then send it to some others to read. After I get those notes back and make proper fixes I am going to post it to Scrib'd and Smashwords and see if I can't drum up a little interest in the whole thing. Part 1 ends on a nice cliffhanger and if I were reading it I'd want to know what comes next. I'd love to post to Kindle but I can't put up something for free there.

So that's my first idea. Offer a freebie look at the novella and hope to get people wanting to pay for the full thing. I'll also offer a free .pdf on here for those who don't have any way to read an ebook.

The second idea is one I had been thinking about but then abandoned. Podcasts. Gina took a class yesterday on Garageband and it got her thinking about way to get my work out there and this was her suggestion. Think we are going to try it. A podcast of the first part of the story, again to drum up some interest. I've got a brother who has some music production skills so we could make a nice theme song I am sure. And now Gina has the ability to record me reading the story.

So there are the developments. We'll see how they work and if I can't become a big a successful indie author. I'll keep you posted.


  1. You should have tryouts for who will narrate your story. I would like a chance.

  2. Well, you would be at the front of the line.

  3. ....well at least let me narrate the acknowledgments or something.