Monday, July 19, 2010

Scrib'd numbers heading in the right direction

UPDATE: It's 12:48 here and I have passed the 200 reader mark. The count is at 208 right now. We have 87 reads on Part One.

Thanks to a little Facebook promotion from my wife, and I am choosing to believe a good story, Part One of my WIP is very quickly approaching 100 readers. And if current trends hold and I get about 10 readers today then I should pass 200 overall readers sometime this afternoon. That means I'll have had 200 reads on all the pieces I have up over there.

I'm happy. Maybe I should be hoping for more, but for right now I'm happy. In my head I have done some quick calculations and if those 75 readers would have paid $1 for the completed piece I would have made roughly $26 through Amazon's Kindle store. That's since last Wednesday, only six days. If the pace holds and I get to about 90 reads by end of the day tomorrow that'd be $31.50 in a week.

The one dollar price is the one I was going to use if this stayed a novella. With the additions I am going to make this could spin closer to 50k words. At that point I'd feel OK pricing it at the $2 to $2.99 range. Here's the breakdown with those prices.

90 sales at $2 each would equal $63.

90 sales at$2.99 each would equal $188. The jump here is that when things get priced $2.99 or above at Amazon they royalty rate cranks up to 70%. Everything under that is 35%. I'd be happy with anything, but if I were to get this story long enough to feel comfortable pricing it at $2.99 then in a month I could make $750.

I know, before anyone says anything, that these are big assumptions. I don't know how well I'd sell. Or if I'd sell at all. But it's fun to speculate and think about it anyway. Because I'm encouraged by the numbers I see on Scrib'd.

If you've read it, thanks. Appreciate that. You're helping me a lot. If you haven't read it, why wait?

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  1. I love hypothetical math. It can get you excited or keep you excited about something.