Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dirty, little secrets

When we were in Vegas in March there was a certain portion of our contingent who wanted to go to In-N-Out burger for lunch. They don't have them here and it's a place that several of us had been wanting to try. We never went, but if we had I think I'd have ordered from their secret menu. I won't explain it here. You probably know about it already anyway since it's not so secret anymore. Instead I'll just link to this blog post from Mental Floss.

But not without quoting this little section on Wendy's.

5. If you’re at Wendy’s and you’re really hungry – like, three-patties-just-won’t-cut-it hungry – go ahead and order the Grand Slam, which is four patties stacked on a bun. It’s also known as the Meat Cube. Gross.

I really want to order a Meat Cube.

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