Saturday, September 5, 2009


The writer's group didn't meet this week. Not sure why but the guy who organized it sent an email Thursday afternoon saying he wasn't going to be able to make. It was a bit of a relief to me. I was iffy on whether or not I was going to be able to make it. We were working ahead this week at the day job so we could take the day off on Monday. That meant Thursday was going to be a long day anyway, so missing the group meeting meant a little more time relaxing at home.

It also meant I got a chance to get a bit ahead on my longer piece that I am having them critique. I'd had 52 pages written going into the meeting. I'd given them 40 pages the first two weeks and was hoping to get 8 more done so I could give them another 20 this week.

Didn't quite make it. I wrote 5 more this week after spending all of tlast week on a short story that didn't come out near as well as I was hoping. The ending that I had in mond when I started writing fizzled on me. I know that I could probably work it out if I kept at it, but the story isn't lighting my fire right now. It's OK, but not great and I knew I needed to get to work on the longer piece. So I abandoned the short story. Not happy about it, but probably the best decision overall. The short story wasn't a total waste. This was the second story I'd written with this same main character and the second time I'd played in this world. I got to figure out a little mroe about this place. I do like it, but it still needs some work. But it's work I'd like to do because I think there is something there.

So, now I need to get 20 more pages written on the longer piece I have been working on so I can get ahead of the critique group.

Last thing, the next post here will be Number 100. It's a mark I didn't think I'd make it to. I am not sure whether I want to do more to acknowledge it or just make it a regular post.

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