Friday, September 18, 2009

A little something

I have a short story that has been in my head a lot lately and it's one of the pieces I want to work into the rotation I talked about in the last post. I've written 2,700 words so it may turn into more of a novella since I know how it will end and we have a long way to go before we get to that point. I think I stalled out on the writing because even though I know the ending I don't have any of the points in between planned out.

I need a very rough outline with at least three plot points planned before I can move on. That's the first thing I'll do when this story gets its turn.

Here's an example that doesn't give away too much of what happens.

The blue glow on Riley’s face disappeared as the bank of monitors in front of him blinked off. His back popped as he twisted in his chair and set his input pad in its charger. The fuzz in his head had all but disappeared. He still wasn’t completely himself, but he was doing a good job of fooling the co-workers who’d stopped by his desk the last hour.

Brenda was waiting outside of his cubicle with her jacket over her arms. She smiled and he held out his hand as he passed her. She grabbed it and they walked to the elevator.

“Not the express today?” she asked.

“No, not today. Think we’ll take the regular elevator.” He squeezed her hand and she slid a step closer to him.

On the elevator he turned to her. When the doors opened on the bottom floor she had tears in her eyes and was telling him she understood.

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