Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another piece for submission

Working tonight on some editing I took a minute to look at another older piece sitting on my hard drive. I think with just a bit of work it may be ready to go out for submissions. It's short, just under 1,000 words, so it fits nicely into the category of flash fiction that I am seeing most places (under 1,000 words).

It's a piece that I finished years ago and it's written in the form of a letter to a former love. Not a love of mine, but of the main character. It's a story of the entire relationship told in brief paragraphs. I liked it when I wrote it. I like it now. I did submit it to a contest once on a whim but didn't win. That's OK. I think I can polish it up and then send it out.

So, potentially I could have two pieces out for submission within the next week. I think I may have even found a market for this one. It's not a paying market and I don't like that. But, from what I can find in a quick search on the Internet the publication seems to be respected. I need to do some more searching to confirm those thoughts, but it's what I could find before hitting the sack tonight.

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