Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A little direction and a little help

Driving to work today it occurred to me how I need to write one of these stories I want to complete by July. It's a story that is best told in self-contained scenes, so I think I am going to do it as diary entries. The main character is a preacher and it's his diary we'll be following. I have been thinking a lot about him lately and getting a chance to write him excites me. He should be fun. And the story will be interesting coming from his point of view. It's not a story that would typically have a man of God telling it. At least I don't think it would. There could be a dozen of them out there collected in an anthology. Wouldn't surprise me since my research for places to submit stories has revealed there is an anthology for every possible theme.

Here's where I need help. I know that a story told through a series of letters or diary entries has a name. What is it? I used to know this, but the answer is escaping me right now.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Journal Stories

    Or at least that's what I hear them called.