Sunday, January 17, 2010

One edit down

Finished one edit tonight. I tightened some of the writing and it went form 1,500 words to a little over 1,200 words.

I took out a big chunk in the middle that just didn't make sense in this story. It was a bit unbelievable and a little violent. It was one of those little bits of writing that seemed to come easy and hated dropping it. But knowing I could use it again made it somewhat easier.

I have found a couple of places I think it could work. I need to do a little more research and read some of the pieces that they have accepted to make sure that my piece fits.

One of the markets doesn't pay anything, but from the little I have read about it seems to be respected. A few of the stories they have published have been nominated for some awards. Plus the editor is a respected writer. So there is that.

Another market pays semi-pro rates and that is as low as I want to go. That means it could be a range of one to five cents per word.

So that's where I am now. Looking for markets and starting to edit the monster piece. I think that one is going to be a more difficult edit. I am ready for the challenge and kind of excited about the work ahead of me.

Plus I want to finish writing one of those short stories by the end of the month. I know I gave myself a longer final deadline, but I also have some internal deadlines that I want to keep, and finishing one of the stories by end of the month is one of those.


  1. Good job Jarrett! It's really nice to see you making progress towards your goals and seeing your dream become a reality one step at a time.

  2. Keep going and get them out. Then work on the next one while you're waiting.