Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mort Drucker and seeing a person in full

If you've read me for any time at all, or ventured back into the archives, you know that I am fascinated with process. I love seeing how and where other people work.

Stumbled across this video of cartoonist Mort Drucker, known mainly for his work in MAD magazine.

Watch it if you'd like. I found it quite interesting. It's just a teaser to a longer video at schoolism.com. He talks about how he got started, how he works, shows us his studio. He talks about the importance of hands to a drawing. He also talks about drawing caricatures. Said that he needs to have a front shot and a profile shot of a person before he can draw a caricature, because if he has only one or the other then he can't know what the person really looks like.

That got me thinking about my writing. I have tried in the past to do quick character sketches of people I wanted to write about. I wanted to get to know the full person. I don't always finish them, and often I don't even start them. I am too eager to get to the fleshing out of the idea.

But after watching this video I wonder if my stories are suffering from thin characters. I mean, if the idea that I am trying to flesh out is mainly action, then all of the character I see is their profile as they run past me. If the idea I have is a little more heady then all I have is the character staring at me straight-on saying "Write my story." Either way, I don't know what the characters will be like when either they are forced into action or when they are forced to be still.

I think I tried to stretch that comparison to the video a little too far, so I apologize if it doesn't make sense. I am doing this quickly.I think it does, but it came out of my head so it should make sense to me.

Anyway, a new resolution. Fuller characters in 2010. Or paying more attention to try for fuller characters in 2010.

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  1. Very interesting. I think this could parallel to multiple things in life. Our walks with the Lord, dieting, marriage, communication, etc. The list can go on. So lets start looking at things as if we have the front shot and profile and really dive deeper. I got what you meant!:)