Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A bit of an anniversary

They are doing some demolition at the day job in preparation for a whole new executive suite that's being built. I'm not in the executive offices, but I am nearby. Last night before I left I took a picture off of my office wall so it wouldn't fall with all of the tearing apart of things going on right behind me.

The picture is the framed negative of the first newspaper page I ever built. It's from March 9, 1990 and I was a sophomore in high school. I didn't realize until I rehung that negative that it had been twenty years since I started doing the journalism thing. I did it all through high school. Took two years off in college then joined the newspaper staff there and haven't stopped since.

So happy anniversary, Jarrett and journalism.


  1. Thanks, ladies. And Gina knows this, but the first page is an opinion page. That's kind of cool.