Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Old man going grey

For a long time I had a goatee. It grew in thick and dark. I kept it for five years then shaved it about a year or so after I met Gina.

I've grown it back in a couple of times since I shaved it. Usually it's right after a week of vacation since shaving is one of those things I don't really do unless I have to. Plus, Gina likes it when I am scruffy. So, having this past week off work I only shaved once. Gina asked me to keep the goatee when I shaved yesterday for work. I agreed. I noticed that I have got some serious grey in my beard. It wasn't there a couple of years ago when I last had the goatee. It's making me feel kind of old, to be honest. I don't always feel like my 36 years, but now I kind of do.

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