Sunday, March 7, 2010

John Hughes' Oscar moment

Gina and I aren't really Oscar people. It's not appointment TV for us. We did watch a bit of it tonight, though, after pulling a DVD out of the player. We didn't watch much more than an hour, but we did get to see the nice tribute to John Hughes. I saw all of his classics as a kid even though I think I was just a bit younger than his target audience. His characters were the cool high school kids that those of us in junior high looked up to -- not so much because they were great people, but they were just older than us and that was all it took to make you cool.

Anyway, target audience or not, I loved the movies. I still like to watch them when they are on TV. I don't know if they hold up so well since I am biased and will always like them.

The academy will never honor the movies guys like John Hughes made. There isn't enough artistry there, I suppose. They aren't the movies with enough of a message. But they are the movies that people remember.

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  1. I do like the Oscars, but just don't want to invest the time to watch all of it. And I have no clue who John Hughes is. Nor have I seen any of the movies.